Beebeecraft Tutorial on making a pair of pink loop earrings

Summary: So cute the wood bead earrings are! Learn how to make pink loop earrings with pink color wood beads and Earring hooks from Beebeecraft! I bet most of girls will love these wood button earrings!

Beebeecraft Tutorial on making a pair of pink loop earrings

I finish off the simple wood beads earrings with a handful of pink  beading supplies online and some Earring Settings Findings. Are you ready? let’s start the “how to make rainbow loom earrings” tutorial.

Supplies for DIY wooden earrings:

Pandahall Elite Cute Carton Wooden Beads

25x1mm Silver Brass Linking Rings

Iron Jump Rings

Mixed color Iron Spacer Beads

PandaHall Elite 6 Colors Iron Earring Hooks

6mm Iron Plated Jump Rings


Instructions for handmade wood beads earrings:

Step 1: add the pink wood beads to the headpin, and make a loop on the end;

Step 2connect the pink beads with the link rings through the loop;

Step3Open ear hooks, connect the earring hooks and the ring with a jump ring.


Repeat the above steps to make another one.


Now, you have successfully made the dangling wood bead earrings. They are so cute, right? They are quite easy to make and the materials for the pink beaded hoop earrings are easy to find on Beebeecraft.

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