Beebeecraft Handmade Design - How to Make Butterfly Hair band with Pearl Beads

Summary: Summary: Pearl beads butterfly hair band is always lovely and sweet, and I think every girls love it really. Wanna to make a simple beaded headband? Today Beebeecraft will show a pearl beaded hairband

Beebeecraft Handmade Design - How to Make Butterfly Hair band with Pearl Beads

See this pearl beaded hairband, it is so beautiful! When seeing this cute pearl bead hair accessory design, I want to bring a bunch of them home for my little angels. Wish you can also make such a lovely hairband for your little girls.

Materials you will need in making this pearl hair hairband:

Non Woven Polyester Embroidery Needle Felt for DIY Crafts

WhiteSmoke Faceted Oval Taiwan Acrylic Multi-Strand Links

6x3mm Half Round Ivory Acrylic Cabochons

5x1mm Platinum Iron Hair Band Findings

Pandahall Elite 6mm half round pink pearl cabochons

8mm half round pink pearl cabochons

Pandahall Elite 8mm half round white pearl cabochons

Instructions on how to make hairband with pearl beads:

Step 1: Cut felt butterfly

1st, draw a butterfly on the square felt and cut out the piece of the felt;

2nd, glue the faceted oval acrylic links on the central of the felt;

3rd, glue 12 6mm pink pearl cabochons surround the oval links, add 8 more white pearl cabochons around as the picture shows.

Step 2: Add more pearl to the felt

Add the pearl cabochons outward like the picture, 4, 5, 6 pearl cabochons and the next is one more than the inside pearl lines.

Step 3: Finish the butterfly pearl hair band

Glue the finished pearl pattern on felt onto the hair band findings.


This handmade pearl hair accessory is also good present for the sweet girl’s birthday present. For the moms who are thinking about the gifts for girls, I would highly recommend trying the DIY wrapped headband full of love and your girl will certainly love them.

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