Beebeecraft tutorials on making hoop gemstone chain dangle Earrings for summer

Summary: With the summer coming, are you searching for a pair of fresh dangle earrings to be more charming. If yes, you will be interested in today’s Beebeecraft tutorials, you can learn to make hoop earrings.

Beebeecraft tutorials on making hoop gemstone chain dangle Earrings for summer

Tassel embellishments have always been associated with elegance and beauty, and the pink color stone shows the fresh and light, which are perfect for the summer wearing. Now, let's learn how to make this pair of golden chain tassel earrings.

The supplies for this hoop gemstone chain dangle Earrings:

Pandahall Elite Golden Brass Earring Hooks

Natural Rose Quartz Chip Stone Bead Strands

PaleGreen Faceted Abacus Glass Beads Strands

6mm Round Natural Rose Quartz Bead Strands

6x4mm Clear Faceted Abacus Glass Beads Strands

4x3mm Golden Iron Twisted Chains Curb Chains

Golden Cross Chains

Pandahall Elite Earring Beading Hoop

Instructions on how to make this pair of hoop gemstone chain dangle Earrings:

Step 1: make the gemstone dangles

1st, Add a round pink bead to an eye pin, and make four patterns like this, add 4 more clear faceted beads like this, then connect these patterns by the pliers, ;

2nd, add 8 pink chip stones and the clear chips to the pin as the above and connect them together;

3rd, add 5 pink and clear faceted abacus beads together to the eye pin and connect them together.

Step 2: Finish the gemstone hoop earrings

1st, connect the short one beads dangle to the hoop as the picture;

2nd, cut 2 pieces of golden brass chain and a piece of curb chain, add a pink gemstone to the eyepin and make a small loop at the other end, connect them all to the hoop;

3rd, Attach an golden earring hook to the hoop earring, and repeat to make the other one earring.

Here is the final look of the dangle earrings.

This pair of  gemstone chain dangle earrings is vogue and eye-catching,  and they are not hard to make, do you also think so? The materials needed to make these tassel chain earrings all can be found on our Beebeecraft. If you love this kind of fresh color dangle chain earrings, do not miss this DIY project. 

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