Bead Bracelets DIY- One Stunning Piece of Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Summary: The simple yet elegant seed bead bracelets diy are a huge trendy all the year round. In this tutorial you’ll whip up amount of mothers day jewelry gift ideas with just chains and seed beads.

For a while now, I’ve explored some scrap chain segments and remaining seed beads lying around. Hence, i choose to make full use of the little stuffs for some fabulous mothers day jewelry gift ideas. In the following, it is a sample post about a concise bead bracelets diy guide.



Things you’ll need in bead bracelets diy:

3mm Round Seed Bead (2 main types)

Spring Clasp



Crimp Bead

Tiger Tail Wire

Brass Chain

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier


Instructions for the bead bracelets diy:

Step1: preparations

Things you need to use in one bracelet:

Brass chain segment *2 (7cm & 10cm)

Tiger tail wire *1 (15cm)


Step2: connect the chain with wire

Fold the 15cm long wire in half, and then pass through the last ring of one chain strand. Next, Fix with a crimp bead and secure by squeezing. 


Step3: thread on seed beads

Determine what pattern is desired and arrange the beads of your choice.


Step4: add on another chain

Attach on the other chain portion by a crimp bead. 


After clamping the crimp bead, tuck the excess wire tail at the adjacent 1 or 2 seed beads and then trim off the extra parts. 


Step5: design a closure

Hook the spring clasp at end of shorter chain by a jumpring. Then adorn the end of longer one with a seed bead charm. 


So, that’s the entire bead bracelets diy process!


Had the processes shocked you so much? Just in my perspective, creating and practicing a bead bracelets diy project should be an enjoyment more than a work, and so does the mothers day jewelry gift ideas. Just observer the stuffs around and you can make them out of just about anything you may image!

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