Beebeecraft ideas on making ribbon pearl earrings

Summary: If you want to start making your own jewelry, making your own earrings is a great place to begin. An extremely beautiful handmade ribbon pearl earrings for very beginners of jewelry making!

Beebeecraft ideas on making ribbon pearl earrings

Today’s ornaments are made with easy materials, which can be found on Beebeecraft quickly. Prepare some ribbon, pearl beads and some findings, you can make the earrings sucessfully.

Materials needed for the pearl dangle earrings:

8mm White Pearlized Glass Round Beads Strand

15mm White Pearlized Glass Round Beads Strand

Ribbon Pinch Crimp Clamp End

Clip-on Earring Component

15mm green ribbon straps

4.0cm*0.7mm Silver-color Iron Eyepins

Instructions on making the ribbon pearl earrings:

Step 1: Make dangles

1st, slide a 8mm white pearl, a 15mm pearl bead onto the 4cm iron eyepin, and make a loop in the end;

2nd, cut a length of green ribbon straps and fold like the picture;

3rd, Fasten the ribbon with the pinch crimp clamp end .


Step 2: Finalize the ribbon earrings

1st, link the pearl part and the ribbon pattern together by the loop;

2nd, then attach earring hooks and finish the ribbon pearl earrings.


Now, it’s the final look of this fashion ribbon pearl beads dangle earrings. They are very easy to made, aren’t they?

There must be many unused jewelry and dress in your storage; that’s it! You can get a lot of materials for this handmade ribbon earrings project. If your recycled materials are not available, purchase some from craft stores or online from Beebeecraft, which will cost just less. Then with the simple materials, a pair of beautiful ribbon pearl earrings will be created by you!

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