Beebeecraft Tutorial on Making Feather Dangle Earrings

Summary: Feather earrings are full of bohemian style and all the rage in the fashion world right now. Today’s beebeecraft tutorial on Feather’s blue combined with jade beads’ red is a fantastic image for eyes!

Beebeecraft Tutorial on Making Feather Dangle Earrings

They're the ultimate bold accessory, but they can be played down just as easily. You can make your very own pair of super-stylish feather earrings with a few tools and materials of Beebeecraft. Let us follow beebeecraft to see how the feather dangle earrings finished in detail!

Supplies needed for the feather dangle earrings:

4-10mm Iron Jump Rings

Brass Earring Hooks

DeepSkyBlue Feather Costume Accessories

DarkBlue Fashion Feather Costume Accessories

Golden Iron Eyepins

10mm Round Mashan Jade Beads Strands

Tibetan Style Alloy Feather Pendants

Long nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Glue gun


Instructions on making the Feather Dangle Earrings:

Step 1: attach feathers together

1st, snip a crimp bead to fasten the feathers together;

2nd, Add 3 jump rings to the Tibetan Style feather pendants with the Long nose pliers;

3rd, Attach the feather with jump rings to the feather fastened before.


Step 2: Finish the feather earrings

1st, slide a Mashan Jade Bead on the needle;

2nd, use pliers to make a loop of the other end of the needle and connect them all together as the picture ;

3rd, Add the earrings hook to the the loop of the needle.


The finalized feather dangle earrings looks like:


The Beebeecraft tutorial of diy feather earrings is done. Have u been attracted by the feather earrings? I think yes. These DIY feather earrings will take you minutes to make and cause a big sensation the next time you go out with your friends.



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