Pandahall Tutorial - How to Make Bohemian Style Colorful Necklaces with Glass Beads and Shells

Summary: Love the bright colored pendant necklace? Just check the tutorial below to see how to make this bohemian style colorful necklace.

Pandahall Tutorial - How to Make Bohemian Style Colorful Necklaces with Glass Beads and Shells

This colorful necklace is made of colorful sequins and beads, which is much of bohemian style, how do you like it? There are many handmade necklaces of different styles in our web, so if you also have interests, please follow me to check.

Supplies needed in making the colorful pendant necklace:

12x8mm Colorful Drop Glass Beads Strands

5.5x4mm Round Wood Beads

13mm Flat Round Pearl Links

10x1mm Flat Round Pearl Buttons

Brass Jump Rings

Iron Chains

Brass Lobster Claw Clasps

0.5mm Silver Copper Jewelry Wire

Chain-Nose(Flat Nose) piles

Side Cutting Pliers


Instructions on how to make the bohemian style necklace:

Step 1: Make the charms of the bohemian style necklace

1st, Cut down a piece of the 0.5mm copper wire and cross through a white 12x8mm drop bead, then twist the end across the wire (as the picture shown) ;

2nd, Add a yellow 5.5x4mm round wood bead, slide a 13mm pink pearl link, and twist the wire like the picture below;

3rd, Thread another 0.5mm wire to the other hole of the pearl link and twist the wire;

4th, Continue to slide a blue round wood bead and a yellow pearl link as the same step, then use another wire to cross the yellow pearl link and twist.


Step 2: Add the charms to the chain

Connect the charm and the iron chains via wrapping the wire across the chains.


Step 3: Make more bohemian style charms

1st, Refer to the above steps to do more pearl link drop beads charms;

2nd, Connect the charms to the iron chains as the same step above.


Step 4: Finish the bohemian style colorful charms necklace

Add a big jump ring to this end, while add a lobster claw clasp to the other end, then the bohemian style colorful charms necklace is finished.


Here is the final look of colorful charms necklace:

Fantastic! It just looks like a color combination more bright than rainbow, Right? And your mood will be light up on seeing this colorful charms necklace.

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