Easy Tutorials on Wire Wrapped Easter Bunny Pendant Necklace

Summary: this necklace can be made as Easter present. The main pattern of the necklace is a bunny. The making process of the pendant necklace is twisting wires. So, it is very easy to make.

Easy Tutorials on Wire Wrapped Easter Bunny Pendant Necklace

This wire wrapped necklace is easy to make, and the string materials are simple. You can buy craft supplies online and make it with your children together. If you want to know more information, please see the following.

Materials needed for wire wrapped Easter bunny necklace:

6.0mm Gold Aluminum Wire

6mm Dyed Faceted Abacus Glass Beads Strands

4~10mm Golden Iron Jump Rings

9mm Golden Brass Spring Clasps

4x3mm Golden Iron Twisted Chains

0.3mm Copper Jewelry Wire,

Sharp Steel Scissors

DIY Jewelry Tool Sets


Instructions on making this wire wrapped Easter bunny necklace:

Step1: make the bunny frame of the pendant bracelet

1st, cut a long piece of 6.0mm gold aluminum wire, and twist the wire as shown in the picture to make the bottom of the bunny

2nd, continue to wrap the wire to make the outline of the bunny as in the picture and cut off the left wire

the bunny frame

Step2: make the final part of the pendant necklace

1st, slide a pink dyed faceted abacus glass bead to a 0.3mm copper jewelry wire and twist the wire onto the framework of the bunny made in the first step and decorate the bunny pattern with the other beads in the same way

2nd, use a jump ring to connect the bunny pattern with the chain and add a golden brass spring clasp and a jump ring to the ends of the chain

the final part

Here is the final work!

the final work

This necklace can be made in 8 minutes. If you want to make a quick handicraft, it is a good choice. Besides, Easter is coming, and if you have children, you can make this cute necklace as a present.

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