Pandahall Easy Tutorial - How to Make a Simple Suede Cord Charm Bracelet

Summary: Here is the instruction for how to make a simple suede cord bracelet step by step, you will grasp it in a short time.

Pandahall Easy Tutorial - How to Make a Simple Suede Cord Charm Bracelet

You can know that this suede cord bracelet is easy to make but full of personalize style at the same time, so it is a great choice to make one for yourself or your friends as the gift. let’s check the details now.

Materials needed to make this Suede Cord Charm Bracelet:

8mm Glass Beads

22x18x3.50mm Sunflower Pendant

4x1.5mm Camel Faux Suede Cord

Iron Jump Rings

2mm Silver Aluminum Wire

0.3mm Copper Wire

Iron Headpins

Round Nose Pliers

Chain-Nose(Flat Nose) piles

Side cutting pliers



Instructions on making this Suede Cord bracelet:

Step 1: Clamp the top part of suede bracelet

1st, Cut off a piece of suede cord and fold it in half, fold the two ends of the cord like the picture;

2nd, Use 0.3mm copper wire to wrap around the suede cord ends, in case of pricking your wrist, remember to pinch it.


Step 2: Make main part of suede bracelet

1st, Snip off a piece of silver aluminum wire, twist it as the patterns showing below;

2nd, Connect the aluminum pattern with the suede cord (as shown in the picture) .


Step 3: End up the suede bracelet

1st, Add a headpin to a yellow glass bead and another headpin to the brown bead, make a loop of the headpins and cut off the other wire;

2nd, Connect the charms and bracelet by a big jump ring and a small jump ring.


Here is the final look of the suede bracelet:


So the suede cord charm bracelet is done successfully, and u can match this bracelet to any of your outfits. Wish that can give u some inspiration base on the tutorial of the suede cord. 

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Jan 09, 2018 at 11:00 AM Betty Theel

Question: What length cord do I start with?

Apr 10, 2018 at 03:38 AM Joanna Sun

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