Simple Tutorials to Learn How to Make Earrings with Three Colors Thread

Summary: This tutorial is about tying knots to make a pair of earrings with three colors threads, And we also need the earring hooks to finish the earrings, wanna to try?

Simple Tutorials to Learn How to Make Earrings with Three Colors Thread

Making thread earrings come in various style, so they can be made customized  pieces to send to friends as special gifts. This special three colors handmade thread earrings design can be finished in a short of time and earring making supplies are eary to get, let us do it!

Materials needed to make this three color thread earrings:

0.33mm Mixed Color Nylon Sewing thread

18mm Silver Iron Earring Hooks

0.7mm Silver Iron Headpins

4-10mm Silver Iron Jump Rings

Round Nose Pliers

Chain-Nose(Flat Nose) piles

Side cutting pliers



Instructions on making this rope earrings:

Step 1: Gain the basic braiding way

1st, Cut a piece of the deep color thread and add a pin, fold the thread like the picture;

2nd, Fold the right end of the thread across the left side thread and inside the pin, fasten the 2 sides to make a knot.


Step 2: Continue to make more knots

1st, Refer to the last steps to make a knot;

2nd, Repeat to fold the thread to make more knots (as shown in the picture) ;

3rd, Make a loop of the pin.


Step 3: Finish the three colors thread earrings

1st, Refer to the above steps to make the yellow and light blue threads the same as the deep colors;

2nd, Hold the three colors thread knot together by the 8mm jump ring, connect the 8mm big jump ring and a 4mm jump ring to the earrings hooks.;

3rd, Refer to the same steps to make the other one earring.


Here is the final look of the three colors thread earrings:


So the three colors thread earrings are done! The tutorial on making the thread earrings is very easy, right? Tell your friends and make these special three color thread earrings together! I promise you will love the process and product!

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Apr 14, 2017 at 01:05 PM minerva salgado

It's a great idea. Can you give the measurements of the nylon thread you used to make these earrings? Thanx!