Pandahall Original DIY - How to Make Black Morning Glory Charm Bracelet

Summary: Do u love morning glory? This tutorial is about how to originally DIY a morning glory charm bracelet step by step, and u can make the bracelet at home after this instruction.

Pandahall Original DIY - How to Make Black Morning Glory Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet mainly has black morning glories together with other     elements of silver leaves and clover charms, flower and leaves make this bracelet alive and its perfect for the spring now. Follow this tutorial to finish the bracelet  together.

Supplies needed to make this morning glory charm bracelet:

Black Dyed Flower Cap Acrylic Beads
65x0.7mm Silver Brass Eyepins
17mm Tibetan Style Links
Iron Jump Rings
Brass Bead Caps
Chain-Nose(Flat Nose) piles
Side cutting piles 

Instruction on how to make morning glory charm bracelet:

Step 1: Make the flower charms

1st, slide a black flower bead and a brass bead cap onto the eyepin, fasten and make a loop of the eyepin, then cut it off;
2nd, Refer to the step to make 9 more flowers with eyepins;
3rd, Add a jump ring to attach the flower charm onto the 2 Tibetan style links (as shown in the picture) .

Step 2 : Finish off the charm bracelet

1st, Refer to the above steps to connect all flower charms with Tibetan style links;
2nd, Add a small jump ring to connect a clover charms to one end of the flower charms;
3rd, Add a big jump rings to this end, while add a lobster claw clasp to the other end, then the morning glory charm bracelet is finished.

Here is the final look of morning glory charm bracelet:

Hey dear, the black morning glory charm bracelet has been finished, believe that you will be pleased upon seeing this charm bracelet made by your own hand, don’t hesitate, let us do together!


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