Mother's Day Jewelry- DIY Post Earrings in Heart Loop Pattern

Summary: This mothers day jewelry tutorial will show you a simple and quick way to DIY post earrings in heart and loop pattern. Brief look and alluring shine is to be favored by you.

We bet you this mothers day jewelry tutorial will be the quickest to do way you can find in plenty of handmade mother’s day gift ideas! Considering many of you would be beginner in jowly crafting world, DIY post earrings in heart loop pattern is a splendid choice for you.


Materials and tools:

Loop link

Glass heart pendant

0.3mm copper wire

Earring hooks

Jump rings

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier



Step 1: make earring dangles

1st, snip a piece of silvery copper wire, thread it through heart pendant and fold it;

2nd, use lower wire to wrap around the upper one, forming coiling pattern;

3rd, thread upper wire through a jump ring, fold it down and wrap below.


Step 2: finish the post earrings

1st, Attach this heart dangle to a loop link;

2nd, connect loop link to earring hook by jump ring;

3rd, repeat to make the other piece.


The final product is like this:


So far the DIY post earrings tutorial is done! Although the mothers day jewelry is quite easy and lack of chic adornments, it is still pretty and sometimes simplicity is a kind of unique beauty, which can at uttermost set off mom’s charm.

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