How to DIY a White Pearl Beaded Flower Bracelet

Summary: Pearl bracelets are so elegant that many girls love them so much, Some girls also want to add elements to light the pearl bracelet up, here it is, I will show you how to make a flower beaded bracelet.

How to DIY a White Pearl Beaded Flower Bracelet

Do u also love the pearl bracelet? Wanna learn how to make this yellow and white pearl bead bracelet by yourself? Follow this tutorial, you can also make one easily.

Supplies needed to make this pearl beaded bracelet:

2mm Ceylon Round White Glass Seed Beads

2mm Golden Bugle Bead

6mm Round Dyed White Glass Beads Strands

4mm Faceted Bicone Yellow Glass Beads Strands

12x6mm Silver Zinc Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps

Iron Jump Rings

4.0cm Silver-color Iron Eyepins

0.3mm Light Grey Tiger Tail

Round Nose Pliers

Chain-Nose(Flat Nose) Pliers

DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

Instruction on how to make pearl beaded bracelet:

Step 1: Make the main part with pearls and beads

1st, Cut a part of 0.3mm tiger tail wire and thread 5 4mm yellow Bicone glass beads, then make some knots with the wires (as shown in the picture);

2nd, Slide a 6mm round white bead and a 2mm Ceylon white seed bead, then cross the wire through the next Bicone yellow glass bead (as shown in the picture);

3rd, Refer to the above steps to slide beads on the 2 sides of the wire, ended crossing 2 ends of the wire through the yellow glass bead.

Step 2: Make the Pearl beads flower

1st, Thread the wire through the right nearest 6mm white bead, slide 4 2mm golden bugle beads;

2nd, Cross the wire to the next 6mm bead from the other side hole, continue to add 4 2mm golden bugle beads, then cross to the next 6mm bead as before;

3rd, Continue to add 2mm golden bugle beads and cross the wire from the other side hole of the next 6mm bead;

4th, Crossing all 6mm beads, the pearl beads charm is been done.

5th, Repeat the above steps to make 4 more pearl beads charms like this (as shown in the picture) .


Step 3: Finish the pearl bracelet

1st, Add a 4cm silver-color Iron eyepin to the finished pearl beads flower, slide a 2mm ceylon seed bead, a 4mm yellow glass beads, a 2mm seed bead;

2nd, Cut off the eyepin and make a loop, add a iron jump ring to connect the other one beaded flower;

3rd, Repeat the above steps to connect the other 3 beaded flower;

4th, Add 2 jump rings to 2 ends of the beaded flower, while add a lobster claw clasp to one end, then the beaded flower bracelet is finished.


Here is the final look of beaded flower bracelet:

Do you like this handmade pearl bracelet? Instead of buying an expensive commercially made headpiece, you just need to follow the steps, then u can make them st home. Hope u will like and enjoy!

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