Easy Tutorials on Easter Egg Button Wreath

Summary: The button wreath is customized for the coming Easter Sunday. The colorful buttons with the flowing ribbons are the perfect decoration for your Easter.

Easy Tutorials on Easter Egg Button Wreath

The Easter craft idea is from the traditions of Easter when people make home decorations with all kinds of wreaths, and make the Easter bunnies and eggs. This wreath is so simple to make that parents can buy the materials to do the job with their children together, which is a very good family activity.

Materials for making this Easter button wreath:

1mm Non-Woven Polyester Embroidery Needle Felt

12mm Acrylic Sewing Buttons

10mm Red Color Polka Dot Ribbon Satin Ribbon

22mm Acrylic Sewing Buttons

10~30mm Mixed Round Wool Pompom Ball

38mm Organza Ribbon

6mm Gold Purl Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon

11mm Sharp Steel Scissors

Hot Glue Gun

the instruments

Instructions on how to make the Easter decoration:

Step1: make the main frame of the Easter wreath

1st, cut two same-width wreaths from the embroidery needle felt

2nd, use the hot glue gun to stick the wreaths together to make one wreath

3rd, coil the organza ribbon around the wreath, and use the hot glue gun to strengthen

the first step

Step2: decorate the wreath with the buttons and ribbons

1st, use the hot glue gun to stick buttons and mixed round wool pompom balls onto the finished wreath as in the picture

2nd, cut red satin ribbon and gold purl polyester grosgrain ribbon into the same length and make a butterfly knot with them

3rd, stick the butterfly knot on the middle of the wreath and on the corresponding point of the knot stick a circle made of the grosgrain ribbon

the final step

The following is the final work.

the finished work

How easy it is to make such a wreath! And the Easter is coming, just take your action quickly to make decorations for your house!

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