Jewelry Tutorial - How to Make a Beaded Easter Egg Long Chain Necklace

Summary: Do u love long necklace? With the Easter Festival coming, today I will share u how to make the beaded Easter egg long chain necklace.

Jewelry Tutorial - How to Make a Beaded Easter Egg Long Chain Necklace

This is a long necklace with silver chain and beaded Easter egg charms, and i think it will be better for you to wear it with dress or sweater, the combination of the Easter egg beads color will make u look more fresh and energetic. It seems that this necklace is difficult to make, while if you follow my instructions to try, it would be much easy.

Supplies needed to make this Easter Egg long necklace:

Oval Spray Painted Acrylic Beads

Faceted Abacus Electroplate Glass Bead Strands

2mm Ceylon Round Loose Spacer Beads

6x3mm Silver Crystal Flat Round Brass Rhinestone Spacers Beads

12x6mm Silver Zinc Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps

7mm Iron Cross Chain Cable Chain Necklace

4mm Platinum Color Iron Mesh Chains Network Chains

0.3mm Silver Copper Jewelry Wire

Iron Jump Rings

4.0cm long Silver-color Iron Eyepins

Round Nose Pliers, Ferronickel

Side Cutting Pliers

Wire Cutter Pliers and Scissors

Instruction on how to make beaded Easter Egg charms Necklace:

Step 1: Make a basic beaded Easter egg pattern

1st, Prepare a piece of 0.3mm copper wire, slide 2mm Ceylon round loose spacer beads yellow beads, 2 yellow beads, 2 white beads, 2 light sky blue beads, 2 pink beads, 2 green beads, 2 purple beads (as shown in the picture) ;

2nd, Thread the 2 ends of the copper jewelry wire through the oval spray painted acrylic beads from the 2 holes of the oval bead and straighten the copper wire;

3rd, Then slide Ceylon beads of different colors as u like onto the jewelry wire and thread like before;

4th, Repeat to slide beads and thread the wire after 9 beads combination enough to cover the oval spray beads are finished.


Step 2: Decorate the Easter egg charms

1st, Add a brass rhinestone spacers bead to the 4.0mm long eyepins, and cross the eyepins to the beaded charm;

2nd, Add another brass rhinestone spacers bead to the end of the eyepin, make a loop;

3rd, Repeat to do the other 3 beaded charms like the same steps.


Step 3: Connect the Beaded Easter egg charms

1st, Add a 8x5mm faceted abacus electroplate glass bead to the eyepin, make a loop at the end then cut it off, make 6 beads with loop like this;

2nd, Connect 2 beaded Easter egg charms with 2 beads loop, the other 2 like the same;

3rd, Connect the 7mm cross chain cable chain necklace with the easter egg charms by 2 beads loop.


Step 4: Finish the basic necklace pattern

1st, Prepare a jump ring, hold the jump ring and 2 beads loop together;

2nd, Connect the beaded Easter egg charms to the jump ring above.


Step 5: Add the chain tassels

Add a jump ring to thread all the chain tassels, then connect that tassels with the necklace by the jump rings.

Step 6: Finish the beaded Easter egg charm tassel necklace

Add a jump ring to one end of the chain while add a lobster claw clasp to the other chain, then the beaded Easter egg tassel necklace is finished.

Here is the final look of beaded Easter egg long necklace:



What do you think of this beaded Easter egg long necklace? It’s quite pretty, right? This Easter egg long necklace with tassel has an elegant temperament, this necklace is a good match for party dresses, and u will certainly be the focus on the party! 


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