Two–step Tutorials on How to Make Wire Wrapped Rhinestone Bracelet

Summary: This rhinestone chain bracelet with gold wires and claret-red rhinestone bead has the royal and graceful characteristics. Wearing this bracelet will highlight your elegant temperament.

Two–step Tutorials on How to Make Wire Wrapped Rhinestone Bracelet

This bracelet is made of PU leather cords, rhinestone beads and snap lock clasps. So, if you want to make an accessory simply, then you should try it!

Martials needed for making this wire wrapped rhinestone bracelet:

3mm Gold PU Leather Cord

10mm Mixed 50PCS Drop Acrylic Rhinestone Montee Beads

35mm Snap Lock Clasps

140mm Hot Glue Gun

11mm Sharp Steel Scissors

the instruments

Instructions on making the wire wrapped rhinestone bracelet:

Step1: make the band of the bracelet

1st, cut two same long leather cords and make circles with them, then insert the ends of the cords into one snap lock clasp and use the glue gun to stick the two cords as in the picture

2nd, do the other part of the band as in the first part

3rd, use the glue gun to stick part of the four cords together like in the picture and form two wide bands

the first step

Step2: make the final part of the bracelet

1st, stick the two bands together and decorate rhinestone montee bead at the connection of the bands

2nd, coil the leather cords around the rhinestone bead as in the picture

the final step

Here is the finished work!

the final work

This bracelet is very easy to make for green-hand people. Besides, the materials are easy to access. So, don’t hesitate and make a delicate bracelet for yourself!

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