Tutorials on Making Spring Colorful Beads Bracelet

Summary: Are u considering for spring fashion jewelry? Now, I will show you step by step of making a charming colorful cord bracelet .

Tutorials on Making Spring Colorful Beads Bracelet

Maybe sometimes u will wonder what u can choose as the gift to your friends, this easy DIY friendship bracelet will be a great choice, simple but full of love, So let us get start to do that!

Materials needed to make the colorful beads bracelet:

0.3mm copper jewelry wire (X-CWIR-CW0.3mm-06)

4-10mm iron jump rings

Colorful Nylon Thread Cord

Pink Faux Suede Cord, 3.0x1.4mm

Mixed Color Chunky Acrylic Beads 8x6mm

Sharp Nose Pliers

DIY Jewelry Tool Sets, Pliers

Instruction on making colorful beads bracelet:

Step 1: Make the first part of bracelet

1st, Cut off a piece of Nylon colorful cord and 2 pieces of pink faux suede cord, thread the colorful cord on the middle of one pink faux suede cord (as shown in the picture) ;

2nd, Slide one white acrylic bead through the end of colorful cord, then thread another end of the wire through the bead;

3rd, Continue to add 2 more white beads like above crossed the thread cord, then, 3 yellow acrylic beads, 3 green, 3 pink, 3 blue, 3 white, 3 purple, 3 pink.

Step 2: Make the second pattern of colorful beads bracelet

1st, Divided the finished pattern into 2, tighten the end of thread cord to the other pink faux suede cord as the beginning;

2nd, Fix the two divided pink faux suede cords with 0.3mm copper jewelry wire;

3rd, Combine the two pink faux suede cords with iron jump ring;

4th, Add four pink faux suede cords with four acrylic beads to the end of in different colors, and make a knot.

Step 3: Finish the colorful beads bracelet

Combine all with one iron jump ring (as shown in the picture)

Then, this colorful beads bracelet has been finished:

How do you think of the colorful friendship bracelet? I believe that your friends will be much happy to receive this friendship bracelet, it just takes u little patience to finish. With the spring coming, you can wear this together with your friends when you go out to have picnic.

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