Rose Charm Bracelet—How to Make the Shining Yellow Rose Bracelet

Summary: This piece of bracelet has a pink cord, a yellow rose decorated among golden leaves and pink glass beads,which is a perfect combination of colors. Wearing this bracelet will show your energetic youth.

Rose Charm Bracelet—How to Make the Shining Yellow Rose Bracelet

Still find a lovely and fashionable bracelet? This delicate bracelet will satisfy you. It will bring the youth to your life. If you want to make one, follow me to check out the details.

Materials needed to make this rose charm bracelet:

5mm Golden Stainless Steel Curb Chain

4mm Golden Stainless Steel Lobster Claw Clasps

3mm Pink Faux Suede Cord

2mm and 3mm Stainless Steel Cord Ends

0.7mm Golden Brass Ball Headpins

1 Box Golden Brass Jump Rings,

6mm Faceted Glass Beads Strands

1.5mm Filigree Leaf Iron Big Pendants

20mm Rose Flower Opaque Resin Cabochons

Sharp Steel Scissors

140mm Glue Gun

DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

the materials

Instructions on making this rose charm bracelet:

Step 1: Make the beginning part of the necklace

1st, cut a pink cord having the same length of the curb chain and use the glue gun to fasten the ends of pink cord to the cord ends as in the picture;

2nd, use the lobster claw clasp to connect the ends of the pink cord, then use  jump rings to connect the curb chain with the ends of the lobster claw;

3rd, use a jump ring to connect the pink cord with the curb chain in the middle by the polishing side-cutting pliers;

4th, insert brass ball headpins into the yellow rose and pink glass beads;

5th, use the round nose pliers to connect the rose to the jump ring in the middle of the curb chain;

the first part

Step 2: Make the final part of the necklace

1st, use the jump rings to fasten the leaves with the pink cord and curb chain by the polishing side-cutting pliers as in the picture;

2nd, connect the pink glass beads with the curb chain by the round nose pliers as in the picture;


Here is the finished rose charm bracelet:

the final work

Wow, what a beautiful bracelet! Now it is the spring, if you want to take a trip with your friends, and wears this delicate bracelet, it will be very nice on you!

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