Blue Beaded Cluster Earrings Design - Tutorials to Make 2 - Hole Beads Earrings

Summary: Summer is coming! The cute blue beads cluster earrings match so well with fresh dresses and outfits, 2 - hole seed beads make the earrings look so smart and dedicate. Try them!

Blue Beaded Cluster Earrings Design - Tutorials to Make 2 - Hole Beads Earrings

The light sky blue color always meet the heart of our young girls, it makes us seem more energetic and young. There are one pair of light sky blue beads earrings, wanna to make it by your hand? There are tutorials step by step.

Requirement needed to make beaded cluster earrings:

Tibetan Style bead spacers

12/0 Round Glass Seed Beads

White Round Glass Pearl Beads Strands

70x0.7mm Golden Brass Headpins

Golden Brass Earring Hooks

Natural Gemstone Agate Round Bead Strands

Mixed Style, Mixed Color Assorted Iron Findings

Light Sky Blue, 2-Hole Seed Beads

0.2mm white Fishing Thread Nylon Wire

Round Nose Pliers

DIY Jewelry Tool Sets, Pliers

Instruction on making smart beaded earrings:

Step 1: Make the first part of 2-hole beads earrings

1st, Cut off a piece of 0.2mm white fishing wire and slide one light sky blue seed bead and a golden seed bead, then one blue by a golden seed bead, 5 such arrangement, then make tie with the wire and tighten the wire in flower shape.

2nd, Slide another golden seed bead from the fishing wire, ,then a blue bead, a golden seed bead, then fix the pattern.

3rd, Continue adding the same pattern above each golden seed bead.

Step 2: Make the second pattern of big beads pendant

1st, Add one blue bead and one golden seed bead crossed outside the already done beads combination;

2nd, Continue to add like above one color by another after about 6 arrangement to surround the smaller one, tighten the wire.

Step 3: Finish the earrings

1st, Thread the wire and tighten it in the circle (as shown in the picture) ;
2nd, Add a pearl bead to the gold headpin and cross the headpin from the finished beads combination;

3rd, Fix a flower iron finding to the headpin, slide one agate round bead, then finish with another Tibetan style spacer beads;

3rd, Add an earring hook onto the flower beads pattern to finish 2 hole beads earring;

4th, Make another same one in the same ways.

Then, this pair of 2-hole seed beads flower earrings has been finished:

Wow, what a sense of achievement after finishing the delicate light sky blue earrings, do u like them? You can also wear them to match dress as well as T-shirt when attending the wedding or going out with friends.

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