Mothers Day Ideas for Kids- Cool Cord Bracelet Making for Moms

Summary: This cord bracelet making design is a pretty good choice of mothers day ideas for kids to do; scissors, the only tool used in this project is a relatively safe one for kids compared to other crafting kits.

Now mothers day ideas for kids are in full swing, as mother day is just around the corner! In order not to lag behind others, you must have been preparing your unique mothers day gift. Here we suggest one cord bracelet making idea which will prove to be a very cool jewelry gift for mom.

Materials and tools:

1mm aqua nylon thread

1mm yellow nylon thread

1mm green nylon thread

1mm pink nylon thread

1mm black nylon thread




Step 1: make top loop

1st, snip 1m thread for each color;

2nd, gather 5 colors together and use another piece of green thread to tie double half hitches around the center;

3rd, when the braided part is about 3-4cm long, stop and connect two ends by granny knot;

4th, cut off excess green ends with singing them, and align braiding threads in the order as picture shows.

Step 2: braid window pattern

1st, use aqua thread to braid fw (bw)knots from left (right) to center; 

2nd, braid fw knot with center 2 aqua threads;

3rd, flip over the whole braiding, turning wrong side to outside;

4th, braid bw (fw) knots, transferring aqua threads from center to both sides;

5th, flip over the braiding again;

6th, transfer sided aqua threads from sides to center.

Step 3: braid the bottom ends

1st, Repeat to do with yellow threads, and similarly handle the rest colors.

2nd, if the length braided is enough for your wrist, stop and twist the two groups of threads;

3rd, make an overhand knot below and trim off excess threads with leaving a 4cm length of tassel.

The finalized bracelet is like this:

So far the mothers day ideas for kids finish here; after trying this project, have you found the joy of cord bracelet making? Next year you can challenge a more complicated one and craft a more delicate bracelet gift for mom!

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