Easy Tutorials to Make Turquoise Heart Pendant Necklace

Summary: I love heart shape also the turquoise, its perfect for me to possess heart pendant turquoise jewelry. Like the same? Have a look at the tutorials to make heart turquoise jewelry step by step.

Easy Tutorials to Make Turquoise Heart Pendant Necklace

Many girls love jewelry in heart shape for its deep meaning of love, also many girls love turquoise for its special and natural color. Here is one amazing pendant combining turquoise and shape in heart, do u want to make the pendant necklace by yourselves? Today I will show u step by step how to make turquoise necklace by your hand.

Materials needed to make turquoise heart pendant necklace:


Synthetic Turquoise Beads

Platinum Color Iron Cross Chains

Sterling Silver Headpins

Silver Iron Jump Rings

Platinum Color Brass Lobster Claw Clasps

Silver Flower Alloy Bead Spacers

Silver Alloy Chandelier Component

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Black Chain Nose Pliers

Instruction on making turquoise heart pendant necklace

Step 1: Make turquoise Heart Pendant

1st, Add one silver flower alloy bead spacers to the pin, with the headpin crossing the turquoise beads from the hole;

2nd, Fasten the headpin and make a loop at the end of headpin;

3rd, Connect the turquoise heart pendant with one silver alloy chandelier component via the jump ring;

4th, Continue to connect this chandelier to the other 2 chandelier components by jump ring on both sides.


Step 2: Finish the rest chain of the turquoise Heart Pendant necklace

1st, There are 3 holes above the silver alloy chandelier components,

cut 6 pieces of cross chain and connect the chains and silver alloy chandelier components via jump rings;

2nd, Combine the end of 3 chains with one iron jump ring, the same to the other side;

3rd, Add a jump ring to one end of the jump ring while add a lobster claw clasp to the other jump ring, then the turquoise necklace is finished.

Here is the finished turquoise Heart Pendant necklace:

Look! Dear, the heart turquoise necklace has been done now, you love it, right? Wearing this necklace makes u more elegant and charming! What’s more, your family and friends will be much surprised and excited to know that u can make such a great jewelry by yourselves.

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