Mother's Day Jewelry- Ivory Pearls Necklace Adorned by Flower and Turquoise

Summary: Today’s mother’s day jewelry project is about how to make ivory colored pearls necklace with flower, rhinestone and turquoises adorned excellently. A perfect personalized gift for moms!

Question one here, which kind of jewelry piece suits to be a mother’s day jewelry gift? And question again, can the chosen jewelry gift be demure and alluring, able to set off mom’s unique temperament and posture? I think handcrafted peals necklace can do!

Materials and tools:

14mm flower polymer bead

8mm rhinestone beads

8mm turquoise beads

6mm ivory glass pearls

4mm ivory glass pearls

0.3mm tiger tail wire

Crimp beads

Bead tips

Eye pins

Box clasp

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter


Step 1: prepare pearl chain

1st, snip 2 pieces of 15cm tiger tail wire;

2nd, pick one piece, slide bead tip to its end and crimp this end;

3rd, string pearls onto wire, wrap a loop at the other end and crimp it;

4th, the first pearl chain is done and repeat to make the second.

5th, snip another 2 pieces of wire;

5th, crimp one end and string 8 small and 1 large pearl onto wire;

6th, wrap the other end, crimp it and trim off excess wire.

Step 2: prepare flower and other attachments

1st, slide flower bead to an eye pin, wrap a loop at end and this attachment is done;

2nd, continue to make the rest.

Step 3: finish pearls necklace

1st, assemble pearl chain and attachments together;

2nd, attach clasp to both ends of necklace.

The finalized necklace looks like this:

Here we have the beautifully adorned mother’s day jewelry! This piece has a dignified form and bold color contrasting, your mom will definitely love this pearls necklace.

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