How to make a bracelet out of Cotton wax cord- cool bracelets for teenage guys

Summary: In this project, a splendid idea about bracelets for teenage guys has been prepared for most of our crafters, even beginners. Simple to do and currently popular stack pattern out of cotton wax cord!

These bracelets for teenage guys are really cool and unisex-looking; perhaps not only teenagers, but we adults also favor them very much. This great cotton wax cord design from Hara is seriously attractive, we love it and we believe you will also be keen on it!

Materials and tools:

Cotton Wax Cord 

Brass Beads 

Curved Brass Tube Beads 

Brass Cord Ends 

Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps 

Iron JumpRings 

Flat Nose Plier 


Step 1: add beads to cotton wax cord

String Curved brass tube beads and Round brass beads on cotton wax cord in the way you like.

Length of cotton wax cord is 22 cm.

Step 2: add bead tips to each cord

1st, Put a small amount of fast glue into the bead tip and instantly insert 2 ends of cotton wax cord in it.

2nd, Repeat this step for all cotton wax segments, gluing them to bead tips in pairs. 

3rd, Let the glue dry for 15 minutes.

Step 3: finish the stack bracelet

1st, Open the jump ring with flat nose pliers, start stringing bead tips with glued cotton wax into it. When all the bead tips are strung into the jump ring, close this jump ring with flat nose pliers.

2nd, Open another jump ring, string the lobster clasp into it, add the jump ring with bead tips, and close this jump ring with flat nose pliers.

3rd, add another jump ring to other end

Final piece is like this:

Tada, the stacked bracelets for teenage guys are done! Enjoy the outstanding cotton wax cord bracelet project; we hope one day you could also share your fancy ideas about jewelry making with us.

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