Coral necklace and earring sets sparkle, rain or shine

Summary: Our coral necklace and earring sets are completely different from others, which can be considered as perfect combination of elegancy and breeziness

We consider fit to wear coral necklace and earring sets whenever you attend whatever kind of social occasion! as once coral necklace and earrings are handmade heart and soul, they prove to be in a fine finished look: light grace and full of liveliness.

Materials and tools:

7-10mm red coral beads

2mm barrel brass crimp beads

0.45mm grey tiger tail?

Lobster clasp?

Bead tips?

Jump rings

Earring hooks?

Plastic earring earnuts?


Step 1: make the earring dangles

1st, snip two piece of tiger tail wire measuring the same length;

2nd, put the bottom of the crimp bead and stringing coral beads;

3rd, loop the top end and crimp it;

4th, repeat to finish the other one.

Step 2: finish coral earrings

Attach earring hooks to both dangles and the coral earrings are finished.

Step 3: make floating necklace

1st, cut off of wire into desired length;

2nd, string a crimp bead, several coral beads and another crimp bead onto wire, then press down crimp beads;

3rd, repeat until necklace reaches your desired length;

4th, add bead tip and clasp to both ends.

The final coral necklace looks like:

Enjoy our necklace and earring sets tutorial! These coral beads are seriously both decorative and functional; besides earrings and necklace, you can also make hair accessory, bracelet bangle and even foot jewelry.

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