DIY bracelets with beads- wavy bracelet crafts for kids

Summary: This DIY bracelet with beads tutorial is for your immediate reference when you intend to make wavy pattern bracelet crafts for kids.

Many tutorials we presented before might be merely fit for adults, as some of them include pliers that is slightly inappropriate for children; Involved in this DIY bracelets with beads tutorial are a coil of tiger tail wire, beads and a pair of cutter, so it is much safer bracelet craft for kids.

Materials and tools:

10mm pink glass pearls

3mm pink glass pearls

0.3mm Tiger tail wire

Box Clasp 

Jump rings

Wire cutter

Flat nose plier


Step 1: weave wavy pattern

1st, snip a piece of wire about 60cm long;

2nd, slide a big pink pearl and 6 small pink pearls onto wire and cross both ends through another small one;

3rd, tighten the wire; to left end add 4 small pearls while to right end add 1 small and 1 big, then cross both ends through another small again;

4th, continue beading, but exchange the above left beads with right beads;

5th, in this way, make this bracelet till it reaches your desired length;

Step 2: complete the ends of bracelet

Add jump rings to both ends of bracelet and attach clasp onto them.

Here we have the finished wavy bracelet craft for kids:

There are many other ways about diy bracelets with beads, some of which can be combined with string knots, forming shamballa crafts, and several may be connected with wire, which are called dream catch crafts.

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