Specific Necklace Ideas- How to Create Personalized Necklaces for Moms

Summary: How to give personalized necklaces for moms on the Mother’s Day? Beaded pearl necklace may be regarded as one stunning and simple choice among mass of necklace ideas.

To come up with some sparking necklace ideas on the special occasion, create personalized necklaces for moms may make her day impressive and memorable. A customized item embodies your care and appreciation to her aptly, and at meanwhile moms can often get the emotions while wearing the piece every day. Read on to learn the details.

Supplies needed in the necklace ideas:

10mm Gray Pearl Bead

10mm Faceted-Round Glass Bead

8mm Ivory Bead

Tibetan Style Beads

Crimp Bead

Bead Tips

Lobster Claw Clasp


0.5mm Tiger Tail Wire

Side Cutting

Flat Nose Plier

How to do the personalized necklaces for moms?

Step1: preparations

1. Cut 3 strands of 0.5mm tiger tail wire, each lengthen about 50cm long;

2. Thread one bead tip and one crimp bead respectively. Squeeze the crimp and cover it with the bead tip.

Step2: design the basic beaded pattern

1. Pick three of your beads: one 8mm pearl bead, one 10mm pearl bead and one 10mm glass bead. Thread the beads onto three strands of wire freely;

2. Pass three wire strands together through one Tibetan bead;

3. Repeat the same actions over and over;

4. In the middle of entire necklace, replace the two Tibetan beads with another two of different pattern;

5. Make a mirror image on the other side.

Step3: add on the clasp

1. Add another bead tip at the end;

2. Hook on the clasp and jumpring.

Volia! You’ve your personalized necklaces for moms now! 

When you’ve done the necklace ideas, moms gained a new treasured piece of jewelry ornament to show off to all neighbors and relatives. And the personalized necklaces for moms in today’s post with simply strands of tiger tail wire and assorted pearl and glass beads, all children are able to finish practically by themselves. 

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