Simple Mother Daughter Jewelry- DIY Wrapped Bracelet

Summary: It’s a fun and easy to make this type of diy wrapped bracelet. By using a long strand of thick nylon thread and a chain, your mom will appreciate receiving the kind of mother daughter jewelry bracelet from you.

There’s nothing like conveying love to moms. However, from right now, you can wear your gratitude and thanks over your wrist with this diy wrapped bracelet. It’s very easy and inexpensive to make these mother daughter jewelry bracelets, additionally, you can be as creative as you can. 

Materials you’ll need in diy wrapped bracelet:

2mm Nylon Thread

Brass Chain

Alloy Pendants

Bead Tip

Lobster Claw Clasp



Side Cutting Plier

Instructions for mother daughter jewelry bracelet:

Step1: preparations

1. Cut a 100cm long nylon thread, and then fold in half;

2. Next prepare a chain strand, about 60cm;

3. Take a scrap brass wire section and string the first link on chain;

4. Wrap the brass wire around the folded location for several turns. After that, remove the excess wire;

5. Apply a few glue onto the tip and then stuff into the matching bead tip.

Step2: braid the diy wrapped bracelet

Start to work the bracelet refer to the way plaiting 3-strand braid.

Step3: complement of entire bracelet

When the length reach to three or four times the length of your wrist circumference, end the bracelet as you did in beginning.

Step4: add on the clasp

Hook on the clasp and decorative alloy pendant onto each bead tip by jumpring.

Such a diy wrapped bracelet is just a piece of cake for you, right? Measure both your wrist and mom’s to make sure you have made the right size for your mother daughter jewelry gift. And besides this, make another piece distinctively by differentiating its color collocation may be enough.

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