Pandahall Bracelets DIY- How to Make a Leather Bracelet for Men

Summary: A tutorial to showcase you one of the most trendy leather bracelets diy ideas, use strands of suede cord and nylon thread to create a bracelet for boyfriend and girlfriend.

If your beloved ones enjoys jewelry but you are on a budget, so just purchase it is ok. Whereas if you are not? Try this leather bracelets diy project. Whether it is a bracelet for boyfriend or girlfriend, it must be the best among numerous options for coming up with a significant gift. Next, just check out for more details.

Materials in leather bracelets diy:

Suede Cord

Nylon Thread


How to design the bracelet for boyfriend and girlfriend?

Step1: work the focal knot pattern

1. Cut a long strand of suede cord, twice the length of your wrist circumference. Part in half for two equal-length parts;

2. Double the two new strips at middle as well;

3. Put one right folded location into the left one and then thread the tails on left upwards through the loop;

4. Tighten the knot appropriately.

Step2: wrap on the nylon thread

1. Take a strand of nylon thread, approximate 30cm long for one side;

2. Start by weaving the thread upwards from the gap between suede cords;

3. Wrap the tail around both two suede cords, cover the starting tip;

4. In the last turn, weave the thread between the suede cords from surface to back;

5. Hook the last turn and pull it snugly;

6. Do repeat processes 1-5 at about 1cm away;

7. Keep wrapping until finish entire bracelet.

Step3: design the closure

Reserve 5cm long and tie an overhand knot at end. Act the same on other side and that is a closure.

Tie one over your wrist and then send the other bracelet for boyfriend or girlfriend.

While it only consists of neutral suede cord and bright nylon thread, the gift receiver may wear it every now and then and each time that will remind him (or her) of you. Besides today's leather bracelets diy project, I will update more bracelet for boyfriend and girlfriend in ensuing. Most of all, the gifts, as a token of your love and an extension of emotion, should reflect her taste and style as well.

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