How to make DIY hoop earrings with simple and inexpensive stuffs

Summary: To get started making a pair of diy hoop earrings with just a few basic supplies and an assortment of leftover beads after other jewelry making projects. It is entirely a super-easy and high-customized accessory.

A pair of diy hoop earrings is a simple yet versatile addition to any outfit. They can add a dash of color and challenge to a formal business suit or complement a specific Prom dress. No matter the sparkling beaded patterns or dangling chain designs, they make great gifts for you own and close friends. In the ensuing contents we’ll discuss my diy hoop earrings with chains and assorted beads.

Supplies needed in diy hoop earrings:

Assorted bead

Rhinestone Chain

Hoop Earrings Findings


Brass Chain

0.3mm Brass Wire

Flat Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

How to make the diy hoop earrings?

Step1: cut your chain sections

Cut one long chain into several scrap sections of various lengths;

Step2: decorate the chain

1. Take your beads of choice and thread them onto the eyepins. Loop the other end with round nose plier;

2. Split the chain sections and adorn with beaded components randomly.

Step3: wrap the well decorated chains on

1. Snip s strand of brass wire (30cm) and rhinestone chain (3cm) respectively;

2. Get started to wrap the blank between first and second rhinestone beads with several turns of brass wire;

3. Slide on the shortest chain;

4. Wrap another two times to fix it in place;

5. Lead the brass wire to next blank location and then work three wire turns, then thread on the matching chain and finally affix by making another two wire coils;

6. Repeat the above processes until hang on all chain elements.

Step4: make an complete pair

Do act all procedures of above for another mate of your diy hoop earrings. 



Yet you have your diy hoop earrings now. Which outfit will you match them with? From featured feather, beads and chain to simple hooped, different designs can be created to meet your individual fashion needs. Have fun!

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