Homemade Mother's Day Gift Ideas- Birthstone Necklace out of Wire

Summary: In the ensuing homemade mothers day gift ideas, we will show you the way building a wire wrapped birthstone necklace that’s just right for the hardworking moms.

People may give jewelry in so many occasions, including the birthday, anniversaries and public holidays such as the ensuing Mother’s Day. On the day, to surprise the moms with ingenious homemade mothers day gift ideas can be especially meaningful. In this post, I will present you a tutorial on making a birthstone necklace with the household stuffs.

Supplies needed in the birthstone necklace:

Abacus Glass Bead

Freshwater Pearl Bead 

1.5mm Aluminum Wire 

0.5mm Brass Wire

Spring Clasp


Round-shape Stick

Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Details in the homemade mothers day gift ideas:

Step1: wrap the two circles for the pendant

1. Prepare a certain long aluminum wire (the length may mainly depends on the size you want for your pendant). Reserve about 5cm long at the beginning and wrap the tail around the thinner position on the assistive stick for your first loop;

2. Push the tail to a thicker position and loop the second loop in same direction;

3. Pull to overlap the two loops;

4. Use the remaining 5cm wire at beginning to wrap two loops together;

5. Pass the extra tail over and under to form a small loop at top. This will be the hanger of your wire wrapped pendant; 

6. Remove the excess wire and tuck the sharp tip.

Step2: wrap on the symbolic beads

In my birthstone necklace, I made use of three abacus glass beads and one pearl bead.

1. Take an enough long brass wire and affix the starting by several turns at a proper location on the outer circle;

2. Slide on one bead and do several turns on the other circle for staying in place;

3. Wrap on the rest beads seriatim in same way;


4. Secure the endings.

Step3: design a chain for your birthstone necklace

In my project, I simply choose a twist chain and then hook on one exquisite spring clasp closure.

Done! This is your new gift!

The birthstone necklace, as a heritage of tradition on Mother’s Day, is actually unique type of gifts to send for this occasion. And try designing and creating some homemade mothers day ideas may allow you to determine the size, shape and arrangement of stones, basic materials and style of each piece. 

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