Easy jewelry making ideas-a pair of diy clip on earrings

Summary: In today’s jewelry making ideas I come up with the diy clip on earrings. With pair of well-designed brass earring hooks, pieces of natural Jade Beads and a section of brass wire, entire project will be done within less than 5 minutes.

I love all cutesy things and they are definitely an incredible way to accent one’s individuality and personality. However, to buy baubles simply from the boutiques cannot completely achieve this goal. Hence, I came up with the diy clip on earrings. It is super easy though, crafters at all levels can practice my jewelry making ideas without great efforts.

Materials needed in the diy clip on earrings:

Brass Earring Hooks

Jade Bead

0.5mm Brass Wire

Flat Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Details for the jewelry making ideas:

Step1: make a wire wrapped bead cap

1. Snip a long segment of brass wire;

2. Thread the wire through your bead of choice, pulling out about 3cm long. With your fingers cross the two wire ends;

3. Use the round nose plier to grasp the shorter branch of wire and then form a loop around the plier. Next, wrap the leftover tail around the exposed neck;

4. Grip the longer end and continue wrapping down the wire around the exposed neck of bail;

5. Tuck the remaining tip into the last turn. 


Step2: hang the bead onto earring hooks

Open the split of the loop on back of your earring hook finding and then hang on the above bead part. Close the loop and congratulations! You now have one of your diy clip on earrings.

Step3: make a complete pair

Do repeat the above processes for a whole pair.

Thus far, the entire jewelry making ideas had been elaborately presented. Its vintage appearance will fit all your outfits and make you the most standing out star among crowds. Along with the rage of retro fashion, diy clip on earrings are destined to make a return to comfort style as well.  

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