Fashon Bracelet Design - How to Make Woven Bracelets with Beads Stey by Step

Summary: In this tutorial of how to make DIY fashion bracelets, you will learn the way to make such a beautiful bracelet. I think many of you will like it; especially those people who like bead making jewelry will like it better.

Many people will spend lots of money to keep up with fashion, but they never know that there is another way to follow a fashion trend. Now show your craft skills on how to make woven bracelets with beads and make DIY fashion woven beaded bracelets and let them unique and wonderful.

What you need while making DIY fashion bracelets

2mm seed beads

4mm light green crystal beads

4mm blue pearl beads

Elastic wire 

Crimp beads

Bead tips

Toggle clasp


How to make DIY fashion bracelets

Step1: fasten the elastic wire

Prepare enough elastic wire and fold to the center position, braid the crimp and bead tip in the middle line and clip tight with flat nose plier.

Step2: start to string

1. Slide three seed beads on both of the two lines and then string cross a light green crystal bead.

2.Bead a seed bead, a crystal bead, and five seed beads on the left line in order, make the first seed beads of the “five seed beads” back through to make a circle. Then slide a crystal again. The right line does the same and then string cross a  pearl bead.

Step3: repeat the whole step2 and make ending

Repeat the step until the length fits for your wrist. Snip off the spare elastic wire and insert them in the bead tips of the other side and clamp it tightly. At last, add jumprings and the toggle clasp.

So that all of how to make woven beaded bracelets patterns. If you are fond of handmade craft, just have a try and make this bead making jewelry, you will have a surprised result.

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