Cool Mother's Day Gifts- Create a Mothers Ring out of Wire and 3 Pearl Beads

Summary: These adorable and cool mothers day gifts feathers 3 pieces of pearl beads wrapped in a wire nest as the eggs coddled in a nest. To create a mothers ring in the pattern may regard as the most significant gift on the Mother’s Day.

Before the arriving of grateful Mothers Day, I have being addicted to design and create a mothers ring, necklace and earring and anything that is unique and customized to give as cool mothers day gifts on the special occasion. Simply collect 3 pieces of 8mm pearl beads and meter of soft wire, that must makes a stunning and sparkling Mothers Day gift.

Things need while create a mothers ring

0.8mm Aluminum Wire

8mm Pearl Beads

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

How to practice super cool mothers day gifts?

Step1: Snip a 50cm long aluminum wire. Slide on 3 pieces of pearl beads on one tip. Curve the ending to prevent the beads from dropping out;

Step2: Form the first triangle, and make sure all 3 pieces of beads stay on three edges respectively;

Step3: Wrap more coils with the tail of wire;

Step4: When the “nest” reaches to your ideal size, stop wrapping coils to hold all existed coils together with extra 2 or 3 turns as picture;

Do the turns for rest two edges, inside and out;

Step5: Make the circular band of your ring. Take the well-made “nest” component and measure the rest wire around the finger;

Take it off from finger and lift up one coil to pass under;

For giving the ring a more stable band, I make two circles;

Step6: Twist the wire tail to hold the circular band turns together. 

On the other side, take a

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