Ideas for Easter Crafts- Making Colorful Bead Bracelets for Kids

Summary: Don't you want to prepare Easter crafts for kids as their new festival gifts? Bright colors and impressive designs are just the features of our tutorial “colorful bead bracelet for kids”.

6mm turquoise beads

2mm colorful nylon thread

Easter rabbit pendant

Elastic wire

Jump ring



The instructions on how to make bead bracelets for kids

Step 1: decide bracelet pattern

1st, snip a piece of elastic wire measuring kid’s wrist and plus;

2nd, secure a bead at one end and string remaining beads on;

3rd, tie surgeon knot to end the beading.

Step 2: add a clover knot decoration

1st, insert thread between pink beads;

2nd, use the nylon thread to make a clover knot;

3rd, cut off excess threads.

Step 3: attach pendant to bracelet

Use a jump ring to attach the rabbit pendant to the clover knot.

The finished product is like this:

Till here the tutorial of colorful bead bracelets is finished. When handling these Easter crafts idea for kids, you should make sure they are large enough for their hand to get through and snugly fit for wrist without dangling too much.

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