Easy Felt Craft – How to Make a Felt Hanging Decoration for Christmas

Summary: In this PandaHall tutorial, you will see how to make an easy DIY Christmas decoration, which is mainly made by felt and cotton.

Easy Felt Craft – How to Make a Felt Hanging Decoration for Christmas

Christmas is approaching soon, if you are searching for Christmas decorating ideas, you can take this felt hanging decoration into consideration. It could be a very nice house or Christmas tree decoration.

Materials needed to make this easy felt Christmas decoration:

Felt Christmas DIY Kits
Glue Gun

Materials needed to make this easy felt Christmas decoration

How to make this felt hanging decoration:

Step 1: Make the holly berries

1st, get four round red felts ready;
2nd, sew the red thread around the edge of the red felt, and then pull the thread to make the felt into a tiny bowl shape;
3rd, put a white pearl bead into the felt bowl, tighten the thread, make a knot and cut off extra thread;
4th, repeat these steps to make another three holly berries.

Make the holly berries

Step 2: Connect the berries to holly leaves

1st, cut a proper length of red nylon thread (here we cut 150cm), fold it in half and thread a red bell pendant to the bottom, then tie a knot about 3.5cm next to the bell;
2nd, get four holly leaves ready, glue the knot to any one of the leaves, and then glue all other three leaves together like picture shows;
3rd, glue the berries to the top of each holly leaf like picture shows.

Connect the berries to holly leaves

Step 3: Make the felt elk

1st, tie a knot about 3cm to the holly berries, and then thread a silver bell pendant to one thread;
2nd, get two elk felts ready;
3rd, sew a black seed bead to work as the elk’s eye and sew a white snow flake to decorate its body.

Make the felt elk

Step 4: Complete the felt elk

1st, finish all six snowflakes on one felt and repeat to make another elk felt;
2nd, sew two elk felts together through the red threads and fill it with cotton, just like the flowing picture shows;
3rd, tie a knot near the elk’s antler, add a fuchsia bell and tie another knot.

Complete the felt elk

Step 5: Make the Christmas tree pattern

1st, get all 12 Christmas tree felts ready and sew each two together and fill all of them with cotton;
2nd, sew three colored acrylic pearl beads to each side of each Christmas tree pattern like picture show;
3rd, glue the Christmas tree patterns near the previous fuchsia bell on the red threads.

Make the Christmas tree pattern

Step 6: Complete the Christmas three

1st, glue all six Christmas tree patterns onto the middle threads;
2nd, sew the star felts to the top of the Christmas three;
3rd, tie a knot near the star and add a blue bell to one thread.

Step 7: Make the Santa Claus pattern

1st, sew the cheek felts onto the face felts;
2nd, sew the whiskers around the face felts;
3rd, sew two tiny black beads to work as Santa’s eyes;
4th, sew the handlebar felts to the cheek like picture shows;
5th, glue the face onto Christmas hat felt and complete the hat.

Make the Santa Claus pattern

Step 8: Complete the Santa Claus

1st, get four small holly leaves ready and glue each two to each Christmas hat;
2nd, glue three red acrylic pearl beads to each holly leaves to work as holly berries;
3rd, sew the Santa Claus felts together to the middle threads and fill them with cotton.

Here is the final look of this felt Christmas hanging decoration:

It’s really cute! It might take a while to sew all the felts together, but the sewing procedure is not difficult at all. If you want to make it, you can get a material kit on our website and make one at home!

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