How to Make a Fresh Colored Cluster Bracelet with Agate Beads

Summary: Wanna make a special bracelet for autumn? Today we'll show you how to make a very pretty agate beads cluster bracelet, its fresh color is perfect for autumn days.

How to Make a Fresh Colored Cluster Bracelet with Agate Beads

You only need 3 kind of materials in order to make this beautiful agate beaded bracelet. Easy to make and with great impact, you can wear it with a casual outfit. I choose some agate in different shades of red but you can change the beads and their color as you consider it fit for your project.

Materials for making this agate bead bracelet:

1. Iron Bracelet Making, with Lobster Claw Clasps - IFIN-H031-P – 1pcs
2. Natural Agate Beads, Dyed, Faceted, Round, Indian Red, 6mm - G-G588-6mm-16 – 70pcs
3. Brass Ball Headpins, Silver Color, Size: about 0.5mm thick, 20mm long - RP0.5x20mm-S – 70pcs
4. Round nose plier (P035Y), flat nose plier (P025Y-1), bent nose plier (P021Y)

Materials for making this agate bead bracelet

Prepare the Materials:

This part is very easy, all you have to do is:
Step 1. Place a 6mm agate bead on a ball headpin;
Step 2. Place the round nose pliers at the top of the headpin and bend the headpin up and over the round nose pliers until it meets the agate bead and you have a nice round loop. Repeat this step for all 70 beads.

Prepare the Materials

Bracelet assembly:

Step 1. Take the flat nose plier and the bent nose plier and open the firs link of the iron bracelet, just near the lobster clasp;
Step 2. Put 2 of the agate beads on each side of the link and than close it.

Bracelet assembly

Step 3. Take the next link of the bracelet, open it and put an other agate bead, than add the previous link that already has the 2 agate beads, just as in the picture below.

Bracelet assembly1

Step 4. Put the second agate bead and than close the link
Step 5. Repeat the steps above with all the links of the bracelet. Each link has to have 2 agate beads.

Bracelet assembly2

Final result

After all these simple steps, you have a nice, colorful agate bracelet.
I hope you enjoy the tutorial

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