How to Make an Easy Keychain Friendship Bracelet

Summary: A special bracelet tutorial is going to show you easy handcrafted keychain friendship bracelet with colorful strings. Hope you will love it!

How to Make an Easy Keychain Friendship Bracelet

Once handling the basic ladder braiding skill, you can finish off this beautiful keychain friendship bracelet within a few minutes. Read on and you will know how to make this keychain bracelet. It is really fun to have a try!

Materials and tools for making keychain friendship bracelet:

2mm colorful nylon thread
Acrylic alpha beads
Suede cord
Lobster clasp
Jump rings
Key ring
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier

How to Make an Easy Keychain Friendship Bracelet

Instructions for making keychain friendship bracelet :

Step 1: Make ladder braiding pattern

1st, cut a piece of suede cord measuring twice length of your wrist plus and nylon thread 4 times of your wrist size;
2nd, make a lark's head knot over a large jump ring and insert nylon thread in between;
3rd, weave thread over, down and again at both sides, forming ladder pattern;
4th, get a few length, and slide alpha F bead on;

Make ladder braiding pattern

Step 2: Complete the rest part of keychain friendship bracelet

1st, repeat above step and get the final “FUN” pattern;
2nd, knot the suede cord ends firmly, cut off the excess and singe them;

Step 3: Finish the keychain bracelet

1st, open a small jump ring and hook cord knot with lobster clasp;
2nd, open the large jump ring in step 1, and slide key ring into;

Finish the keychain bracelet

Till now the braided keychain friendship bracelet is done. In this item, the colorful string jewelry can be worn as a decorative friendship bracelet and meanwhile is able to function as a useful key chain.

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