Bracelet key chain -special pattern for DIY braided bracelet

Summary: This bracelet key chain tutorial is going to show you a hands-on way about a special diy braided bracelet pattern.

<span "="">Once handling the basic ladder braiding skill, you can finish off this beautiful bracelet key chain within a few minutes. In this tutorial DIY braided bracelet key chain just needs a few lengths of colorful nylon thread and alpha cubic beads; it is a fun to have a try!


Materials and tools:

2mm colorful nylon thread

Acrylic alpha beads

Suede cord

Lobster clasp

Jump rings

Key ring

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier




Step 1: make ladder braiding pattern

1st, cut a piece of suede cord measuring twice length of your wrist plus and nylon thread 4 times of your wrist size;

2nd, make a lark’s head knot over a large jump ring and insert nylon thread in between;

3rd, weave thread over, down and again at both sides, forming ladder pattern;

4th, get a few length, and slide alpha F bead on;


Step 2: complete the rest bracelet

1st, repeat above step and get the final “FUN” pattern;

2nd, knot the suede cord ends firmly, cut off the excess and singe them;


Step 3: finish the bracelet key chain

1st, open a small jump ring and hook cord knot with lobster clasp;

2nd, Open the large jump ring in step 1, and slide key ring into;


Use clasp to grasp the large jump ring, so the final product is like this:


Till now our tutorial of diy braided bracelet key chain is done. In this item, the colorful string jewelry can be worn as a decorative friendship bracelet and meanwhile is able to function as a useful key chain.

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