How to Make Pink Flower Hair Comb for Wedding

Summary: Wanna make wedding flower hair comb for bridal? This tutorial will tell you how to make hair comb with pink flower for wedding bride.

How to Make Pink Flower Hair Comb for Wedding

See the pink flower hair comb in the picture, it is quite beautiful, yes? We always see many nice hair accessories in a wedding party, so here I will share a wedding flower hair comb with you all. It is so easy for even a green hand to make, hope you will like it and make one yourself.

Materials and tools you should prepare before making the wedding flower hair comb:

6MM White Glass Pearl Beads
White Felt
1.5MM Aluminum Wire
25MM Green Satin Ribbon
25MM Magenta Satin Ribbon
39MM Pink Satin Ribbon
Flower Bead Caps
Hair Comb Findings
Glue Gun
Side Cutting Pliers

Instructions on how to make hair comb:

Step 1: Make some petals with pink ribbon

1st, cut several pieces of square pink and magenta ribbons;
2nd, fold one piece of pink ribbon along the diagonal, then fold it again in half and fold the 2 angles once again as pictured, and glue the points together with glue gun.

Step 2: Make a pink ribbon flower

1st, open the back of the petal and fold the 2 angles into middle and glue them with glue gun;
2nd, glue the other end of the petal a little with glue gun as pictured and make other more such pink petals;
3rd, tailor a piece of round shape with white felt, then glue 6 pink petals to it as a flower.

Step 3: Finish the ribbon flower

1st, repeat above steps to make other 3 petals with magenta ribbons;
2nd, glue the 3 petals in middle of the flower with the pink flower together, and then glue a white pearl bead in center of it.

Step 4: Make a flower bud

1st, cut 3 pieces of magenta ribbons, repeat above steps to make 3 petals and glue them together to form a flower bud;
2nd, cut a piece of green ribbon as pictured, and glue it with the flower bud together as leaf.

Step 5: Add more pink flowers to aluminum wire

1st, cut a long piece of aluminum wire, then add it to the flower bud with glue gun, and add a flower bead cap under the flower bud;
2nd, glue the pink flower to the aluminum wire together with glue gun;
3rd, make other 3 pink flowers and add them to the aluminum wire with glue gun.

Step 6: Finish the pink flower hair comb

Wrap the aluminum wire with pink flowers to a hair comb finding, then the pink flower hair comb is finished.

Here is the final look of this wedding flower hair comb!

The wedding flower hair comb is finished now, do you like this cute and sweet hair comb? If you like it, follow my detailed steps on how to make hair comb to make your own! Have fun!

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