How to Make Wedding Pearl Beaded Hair Garland

Summary: Wedding hair garland is always lovely and sweet, and I think every girls love it really, and today I will show a pearl beaded garland to you all. Hope you will like~

How to Make Wedding Pearl Beaded Hair Garland

See this pearl beaded garland, it is so beautiful! You must always see many nice hair accessories when you are shopping, so you can also make such a lovely garland then you can wear it while you are shopping with your friends. I think it is more characteristic than those garlands in store, and you will be eye-catching in the crowd.

Supplies you will need in making this wedding hair garland:

6MM White Glass Pearl Beads
Drop Wheat Glass Pearl Beads
Abacus Clear Glass Beads
Pink Satin Ribbon
0.3 mm Copper Jewelry Wire
Aluminum Wire
Glue Gun

Instructions on how to make garland with beads:

Step 1: Wrap several beads to wire

1st, cut a piece of aluminum wire, make a small loop at one end of it, then cut a piece of copper wire and wrap a 6mm pearl bead to it;
2nd, wrap an abacus glass bead and a pearl bead to it, then wrap an abacus bead and a drop pearl bead to it;
3rd, continue to wrap 2 abacus glass beads and 2 pear bead to it in sequence as pictured.

Step 2: Add more beads to the wire

1st, wrap more round pearl beads, glass beads and drop pearl beads to the wire, and make sure there is a drop pearl bead between each 5 beads (round pearl beads and abacus glass beads);
2nd, make a small loop at the other end of the aluminum wire and connect 2 ends together.

Step 3: Make several pink ribbon petals

1st, tailor several pieces of pink ribbons, fold 2 points and glue them with glue gun;
2nd, fold the 2 points again and glue them firmly;
3rd, repeat above steps to make other more such ribbon petals.

Step 4: Make pink ribbon flower

1st, take a petal, roll it and add another petal to it, continue to add more petals and glue them together to make a flower;
2nd, glue this pink ribbon flower on the wire as pictured.

Here is the final look of this wedding hair garland.

Wow, such a pearl beaded garland is so lovely and elegant, and I can bet you’ll like it. Don’t hesitate, follow my instruction on how to make garland with beads to make you own now!

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