Easy Pandahall Tutorial on How to Make a DIY Bead Hair Barrette

Summary: This tutorial will share a DIY hair barrette with you all, so if you wanna make bead barrettes, follow here to see HOW!

Easy Pandahall Tutorial on How to Make a DIY Bead Hair Barrette

Do you love bead barrettes? Today I will show you a DIY hair barrette with beads in different colors and shapes, and I think it is really easy for you to make, so if you are interested in it, just follow me to see how to make a hair barrette now!

Supplies for making this DIY hair barrette:

4MM Glass Pearl Beads
6MM Glass Pearl Beads
12x5MM Purple Acrylic Cabochons
6x6x3MM Square Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochons (yellow, green, blue, brown)
25x7MM Half round Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochons
8x8x6MM Acrylic Rhinestone Montee Beads
6x5MM Glass Rhinestone Montee Beads
Drop Acrylic Rhinestone Montee Beads
0.3MM Copper Wire
Hair Barrette Findings
Gray Felt
Glue Gun
Stainless-Steel Scissors
Iron Scissors

Instructions on how to make a hair barrette:

Step 1: Tailor a drop shaped felt

1st, draw a drop shape on a gray felt with pen;
2nd, tailor the drop shape around the outline.

Step 2: Add some beads on the felt

1st, pick up a purple acrylic cabochon and glue it on center of the felt;
2nd, cut a piece of copper wire, slide about 12 4mm glass pearl beads to it and twist the end together to make a circle as pictured;
3rd, glue the pearl bead pattern on the felt with the cabochon together.

Step 3: Add more other beads on the felt

1st, glue a red drop acrylic rhinestone montee bead on the point of the felt;
2nd, add more other beads on the felt until the drop felt is covered by the colorful beads.

Step 4: Finish the hair barrette

Add a hair barrette finding with the bead pattern together, then this DIY hair barrette is finished.

Here is the final look of the bead barrette:

Hey, how do you think this DIY hair barrette, guys? It is really nice yet easy hair barrette, and I love the colorful and shinning beads, and you? Try to make one according to my detailed tutorial, and I think you will love it very much~

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