Handmade Christmas ornaments star- beaded Christmas bell

Summary: This tutorial is free and fascinating; seriously speaking, once you figure out how a beaded Christmas bell is done, you will create many different kinds of beaded Christmas bells.

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way; Oh, what fun it is to ride; In a one horse open sleigh…” very familiar to your ears, yeah, the famous Christmas day is coming again! The festival atmosphere has occupied every corner of the world; you are still bearing the coldness and waiting outside the craft shops only to buy the commonly seen ornaments? Hey, guys, why not prepare some kind of handmade Christmas ornaments by yourself? It seems like an adventure, actually it is not as horrible as imagine! This time we would like to invite you to learn the beaded Christmas bell making. 

Before this handmade Christmas bell, the following things are required:

Nylon wire

Assorted crystal beads


The instructions start here!

Step 1: prepare the beading string

Snip a piece of Nylon wire long enough for beading; so as per common estimation, fifty cm length is okay;

Step 2: make beaded Christmas bell

Slide four crystal beads onto right end of string, and cross the left end through first crystal bead we beaded just now; then continue sliding three crystal beads on right end and cross left end again through the last bead we just beaded; later slide beads as per the diagram shows at below:

Step 3: end the beaded Christmas bell

Make final knot at ends and cut the excess string.

So far, the Christmas bell is created! Now you must have mastered the necessary beading technique in this tutorial, we are looking forward to your novel ideas and stunning works; so hurry to take actions and make out more adorable handmade Christmas ornaments for your families and friends!

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