Friendship bracelet instructions- macramé bracelet patterns with beads

Summary: Here in our friendship bracelet instructions, a beautiful macramé bracelet pattern with beads is demonstrated, and all detailed descript and pictures are included in.

2 weeks ago I made a tutorial named “How to make macramé bracelet” which is very similar friendship bracelet instructions to this one. Although they are both macramé bracelet patterns with beads and include same knotting skills, the beads added in another way yet bring about entirely different visual effect.

Materials and tools:

1mm blue nylon threads

1mm black nylon threads

8mm gold abacus beads



Friendship bracelet Instructions:

Step 1: make the first two rows for chevron pattern

1st, snip 4 strands for each color and leave about 8cm tail at top end;

2nd, align 8 strands in the order as picture shows (a-h); tie forward knot with a over b and h over g, so the position of a&b (h&g) are swapped round;

3rd, tie forward knots with c over d, and f over e; from pic1-3 first row is finished;

4th, keep tying knots with a over d and h over e; then cross c & f through a gold bead; from 4-6 the second row is finished.

Step 2: weave the last two rows for chevron pattern

1st, similarly tie knots to finish the third row (pic1-3);

2nd, continue tying knots and beading to finish the fourth row (pic4-6);

Step 3: make adjustable clasp for this friendship bracelet

1st, when bracelet reaches your desired length, stop braiding and fold the top end and bottom end threads together;

2nd, pick another piece of black thread and tie 5-6 square knots;

3rd, add a bead to each thread and knot at its end;

4th, trim off excess threads and singe their ends.

Here you get your finalized macramé bracelet! Black and blue combination is rather cool for both males and females. And the macramé bracelet pattern with beads is always popular among youngsters. The friendship bracelet instructions will help you a lot.

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