DIY Home Decor – Making a Personalized Photo Frame with Washi Tape and Beads

Summary: Do you want to make your own personalized photo frame at home? Follow this video tutorial, you can also diy your photo frame for home decoration!

DIY Home Decor – Making a Personalized Photo Frame with Washi Tape and Beads

This DIY project on making personalized photo frame is really useful if you want to show your photo in your own way. Now with glass cabochons and washi tape, you can also diy this photo frame at home easily.

Music Credits: 三輪学 - Old Memory

Supplies in making the personalized photo frame for home decoration:

20mm Transparent Glass Cabochons
5cm Pink Satin Ribbon
1.5cm Washi Tape
Pearl Flower Bead
Glue Gun
Glue Stick

Instructions on making the personalized photo frame:

1st, prepare 2 pieces of cardboard, then mark the sized for the photo frame (30cm wide for the frame), and the size of the whole photo frame is according to your need;
2nd, cut the cardboards according to the marks, thus you have 2 photo frame cardboards now;
3rd, paste the frame with washi tape, paying attention to the fringe and make the frame is covered by the washi tapes;
4th, insert the photo that you want to show in the frame, and paste the 2 pieces of cardboard together;
5th, prepare enough transparent glass cabochons, and paste them on the frame one by one;
6th, cut a piece of 5cm pink satin ribbon, then fold a lovely bow;
7th, cut the ribbons and trim with a lighter;
8th, stick the pink satin ribbon to the left front position of the photo frame;
9th, stick the pearl flower bead on the center of the bow.

Are you attracted by this lovely photo frame? Why not have a try?

For more video tutorials, just stay tuned!

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