Christmas garland earrings add more Christmas atmosphere for you

Summary: This is a good earring making tutorial for jewelry making beginners; first, the materials are easy to find and cost less; second, method is extremely simple; third, it is for Christmas, full of festival atmosphere!

It is a new beginning, as 2012 Christmas is coming; welcome this fresh and pleasing festival, meanwhile welcome you to our web circle and click the novel Christmas earrings idea; we would like to share all these interesting jewelry making tutorials with you, and we hope you can occasionally come here and also share your idea with us!

Before formally start the Christmas garland earrings, you need to prepare all things shown as below:

Assortment of glass seed beads

Silver bugle beads

Silver hoop earrings

Beading strings


The instructions start now!

Step 1: prepare the “flowers” on Christmas garland

Snip a piece of beading string long enough for beading and wrapping, so the length is in accordance with your personal estimation;

Thread all your seed beads onto string, and the beads colors should be red and green in major roles; when threading seed beads, insert bugle beads equidistantly, making seed beads and bugle beads alternately appear.

Step 2: wrap the “flowers” onto hoop earrings

Actually, hoop earrings can be achieved also by handcrafts; but here, to save time and trouble, we use ready hoop earrings; 

Fasten one end of beading string to earring hoop; wrap beaded string on hoop with the bugle beads as interval sections, which are shown in below picture:

Till all the “flowers” wrapped onto hoops snugly, your Christmas garland is done! Accurately, the Christmas garland earrings are created by you! Try it on, you know what, the Christmas bell is going to ring, take on your Christmas outfit and cute Christmas earrings, the celebration party is waiting for you!

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May 25, 2014 at 10:02 PM Irene Kiew

But how do you end or secure the beading string after wrapping it around the hoops? You can't use a crimp bead...