How to Make Simple Agate Beads Chain Necklace for Women

Summary: Are you lack of a agate beads chain necklace? If yes, today’s Pandahall tutorial on how to make simple agate beads chain necklace for women is a great choice for you!

How to Make Simple Agate Beads Chain Necklace for Women

Hey guys, love chain necklace for women? If you wanna make one yourself, I think today’s Pandahall tutorial must excites you! Expect it? Now, please follow me to see HOW! Hope you like it~

Materials needed for the simple agate beads chain necklace:

8mm blue round faceted agate beads
0.3mm silver copper wire
1mm silver copper wire
silver cross chain
silver lobster clasp
ion jumprings
round nose pliers
needle nose pliers
side cutting pliers

Step 1: Make the wire wrapped beads

1st, trim off a certain length of 1mm copper wire and then slide a agate bead on it;
2nd, wrap one side of the copper wire around the agate bead like the showing picture;
3rd, cut off the excess part of the copper wire and make a loop.

Step 2: Fix the agate beads

1st, cut off a proper length of 0.3mm copper wire and wrap it around the 1mm copper wire several times and then trim off the excess wire;
2nd, make other beads in the same ways.

Step 3:Make the pendant part of the chain necklace

1st, cut off a certain length of 1mm copper wire and form the shape like the showing picture below;
2nd, combine one ready agate bead and the ready wrapped wire together with a jumpring;
3rd, add a jumpring on the two ends of the cross chain and connect them with a lobster clasp;
4th, combine the pendant part and the cross chain with a jumpring.

Step 4: Add the ready agate beads

1st, add a jumpring on each of the ready agate bead;
2nd, hang the agate beads on the cross chain like the showing picture showing below.

Step 5: Finish the chain necklace

Add a lobster clasp on one side of the cross chain and then connect it with another side of the chain, please see the showing picture.

Time for the final look of the chain necklace for women:

Wow, what a stunning agate beads chain necklace! Love it soooooooo much! Hey guys, wanna make it yourself? It’s really easy and funny to make! I promise you could enjoy yourself a lot in the making process. Hope you a nice try and have a good day!

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