Pandahall Tutorial on How to Make Charm Cuff Bracelets with Rhinestone Beads

Summary: charm cuff bracelets always catch people’s eyes. In today’s Pandahall tutorial, you will learn something about how to make cuff bracelets with rhinestone beads. Hope you like it!

Pandahall Tutorial on How to Make Charm Cuff Bracelets with Rhinestone Beads

Hey dear friends, do you plan to make something for the approaching Valentine’s Day? If yes, I think today’s Pandahall tutorial on how to make charm cuff bracelets is a good choice for you. Now, let’s get down to business, please follow me to see together~

Jewelry making supplies needed for the charm cuff bracelet:

4mm acrylic round pearl beads
14x4.5mm red flat acrylic cabochons
5x5x4mm silver acrylic rhinestone beads
10x6x5mm golden acrylic rhinestone beads
4mm brass round beads
2x2mm cube rhinestone beads
2.5cm satin ribbon
glue gun


Step 1: Make the center part of the charm cuff bracelet

1st, cut off two pieces of felt with same sizes;
2nd, place a red flat acrylic cabochon in the center of one of the felts;
3rd, cut a piece of golden rhinestone chain and paste it around the red acrylic cabochon with glue gun;
4th, paste 3 blue drop beads on the two side of the golden rhinestone chain separately;
5th, continue to paste two purple and 2 yellow acrylic rhinestone beads in the right places.



Step 2: Decorate the charm cuff bracelet with other beads

1st, place a proper amount of cube rhinestone beads on the upper side of the felt;
2nd, thread a brass beads chain, which length is the same with the cube rhinestone beads line. And then, paste it on the down side of the felt;
3rd, continue to add colorful pearl beads on the felt, but you must guarantee that the pearl beads don’t beyond the cube rhinestone beads line and the brass beads chain.


Step 3: Finish the charm cuff bracelet for women

1st, paste glue on the back of the felt with glue gun, and then put the satin ribbon on it;
2nd, put another felt on the satin ribbon and make it neater.


Here is the final look of the charm cuff bracelet for women:

final look

Wow, what a fantastic cuff bracelet for women! It looks so colorful and elegant! I think this kind of cuff bracelets must be pretty popular among stylish girls. Do you love it bunnies? If yes, why don’t you try it yourself? Hope you like it and have a good day!

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