New Year Chenille Stem Hair Ornaments Tutorial for Kids

Summary: Love chenille stem crafts? If yes, i will share you how to make hair ornaments in today’s Pandahall tutorial. Hope you like it.

New Year Chenille Stem Hair Ornaments Tutorial for Kids

New Year is coming! Are you thinking do something yourself? If yes, you are lucky enough here, today I am going to share you an easy Pandahall tutorial about how to make DIY hair ornament, which must attract you a lot! Now, let’s see together!

Materials needed for the chenille stem hair ornament:

300x5mm Red and Yellow Chenille Stem
Side Cutting Pliers


Step 1: Make the circle of the chenille stem hair ornament

1st, cut 2 pieces of the red and yellow chenille stem of enough length;
2nd, twist the red and yellow chenille stems together and shape a circle with side cutting pliers.


Step 2: Make the triangles

1st, cut a certain length of yellow chenille stem and twist around the ready circle;
2nd, form the yellow chenille stem as triangle shape and continue to twist around the circle, please see the picture below.


Step 3: Make the numbers

1st, cut 4 red chenille stems and form the shapes of number “2”, “0”, “1”, “6” with side cutting pliers;
2nd, twist the 4 red chenille stems around the circle, showing as the picture below.


Time for the final look of the DIY chenille stem hair ornament:

final look

Hey guys, how do you feel like the DIY chenille stem hair ornament? It’s pretty easy to make right? Besides, you can also enjoy yourself during the making process. So i strongly recommend you have a try, hope you like it and wish you a wonderful day!

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