Pandahall Tutorial on How to Make an Easy Spider Decoration

Summary: wanna make something special? In today's Pandahall tutorial, you will learn how to make a spider decoration, which is pretty cute and easy. Hope you like it.

Pandahall Tutorial on How to Make an Easy Spider Decoration

After a whole week’s work, you need to refresh yourself. I believe today’s tutorial about how to make a spider decoration must be a great choice for you. Besides, you can also make it together with your kids, which is quite easy and funny to make. Ok, let’s get down to business now.~

Jewelry making supplies needed to make the DIY spider decoration:

1mm white round nylon threads
1mm blue round nylon threads


Step 1: Make the head of the spider

1st, cut four strips of blue and white nylon threads of proper length and form a loop, then making the blue nylon thread as the working wire, showing as the picture below;
2nd, thread the blue working wire through the circle and wrap several times;
3rd, continue to wrap the blue working wire around the north-south direction blue nylon thread several times;
4th, tighten the blue and white nylon threads.


Step 2: Make the body of the spider

1st, cut a white and blue nylon thread respectively, put down the blue working wire. Please see the showing picture below;
2nd, use the two white and blue nylon wires to make a circle around the blue working nylon wire and keep them tight;
3rd, repeat the second point in step 2.


Step 3: Make the claws of the spider

1st, trim off several white and blue nylon threads and cross them through the spider’s body, please see the picture below;
2nd, cut the excess wire and finish them with lighter.


Now here is the final look of the DIY spider decoration:

final look

Wow, what a fantastic spider decoration! Have you fallen in love with it guys? I guess you can’t wait to try it now~ the materials needed are quite easy to find, good luck guys. Anyway, hope you like this one and wish you a wonderful day, see ya next time~

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