Pandahall Tutorial - How to Make Quilling Paper Christmas Decoration Crafts

Summary: Do you love quilling paper decorations? Today, I will show you how to make quilling paper Christmas decoration crafts. Let’s have a look.

Pandahall Tutorial - How to Make Quilling Paper Christmas Decoration Crafts

Quilling paper Christmas crafts are more and more popular, for they are pretty and delicate. Today’s project is a quilling paper decoration. You can hang it to Christmas tree, attach it with your key or phone, or you can wear it with a ribbon string. Now, follow me to learn how to make this Christmas paper decoration.

Supplies in making quilling paper Christmas decoration crafts:

Quilling Paper
Rolling Pen
8MM Pearl Beads
10MM Ribbon
Glue Gun
White Glue


Step 1: Make 14 green quilling paper petals

1st, roll a circular bead with green quilling paper, put this bead into a 20mm hole and stick the end;
2nd, repeat the 1st step to make other 13 quilling paper petals, then pinch all the beads into a shape of petal as pictured.

  Make 14 green quilling paper petals

Step 2: Make the main part of the crafts

1st, stick 7 bead petals together as a flower, stick the other 7 petals together and glue these 2 quilling paper flower together as pictured;
2nd, take about 2 pieces of yellow quilling paper, roll them into a bead, and make it as a helical bead, then make another yellow helical bead like this one;
3rd, glue these 2 helical beads on center of the green quilling paper flower, and stick 2 white pearl beads into the beads as pictured.

 Make the main part of the crafts

Step 3: Add ribbon bowknot and pearl bead

1st, cut a piece of 10mm red ribbon, fold it to a bowknot and stick it firmly, cut the 2 ends a little as pictured;
2nd, glue a white pearl bead on center of the bow knot, and stick this bowknot on top of the 2 helical beads together with the flower.

 Add ribbon bowknot and pearl bead

Here is the final look of the quilling paper Christmas decoration crafts!

 the final look

Now, my tutorial on how to make Christmas paper decoration has come to an end. These quilling Christmas crafts are so beautiful and cute, right? If you are also interested in quilling paper decoration, why not have a try? Also, you can stick quilling paper decoration on a quilling card and send the card to your friends. They will love it, too. Have a nice try!

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